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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Michael Daduon: A Master Strategist and Dynamic Leader

Michael Dadoun became the CEO of UpClick, Montreal in the year 2011. He has been associated with the company as a co-founder since its inception. Before joining the company as CEO, he was working for Solaria Fund as the Principal. He also worked for Nortel Networks as director M & A.

Field of Expertise

His ability to handle various fields has made him a successful business person. Online advertising, e–commerce, venture capital, conversion optimization, landing page optimization, entrepreneurship, product management, SEM, and PPC are some of the areas that he can handle skillfully.

Today, business environment is undergoing a continuous change, so the successful leadership has become more relevant these days. When we talk of CEO of new age organizations, there are some key features that he or she must have. Persistence, friendliness, farsightedness, and organized way of working are few examples of the qualities a leader must possess.

Motivating Subordinates
A business leader should know how to motivate subordinates to work without using any force or coercion. Michael Dadoun of UpClick has all above mentioned qualities in him. He knows very well how to communicate with the employees and boost their confidence level. He has the dedication, sincerity, and integrity to achieve the target. It is not a difficult task for him to make a place for his company in this age of high competition.

A leader like Michael Dadoun has to be daring too because there are times when one has to take quick decisions. He cannot wait until all relevant facts are gathered. He has to take risks, if he wishes to grab any business opportunity.