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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

With Inputs From Michael Dadoun, Upclick Forging Ahead

For Michael Dadoun, Upclick had to become a payment processing solution that is unique in many ways. 

After all it had to be. 

Online retailers want efficiencies and control over the entire gamut of payment processing. They do not want multivendor relationships with several processes. 

A hardened e-retailer has this say, “In this fast paced world, we cannot expect to have slow and unreliable transactions, especially when we have to justify that online platforms are better than brick and mortar stores”.

Michael Dadoun, Montreal IT specialist had his finger on the pulse of online marketers. 

He commenced putting his best efforts to create a robust, secure and scalable processing platform that allows for high end technology to build domestic and international card processing with multi currency options. 

To say he succeeded would be an understatement. 

Post Upclick launch, for merchants accepting payments became a breeze.  

Upclick proved to be an optimal billing solution that delivered effortless payment processing while concurrently improving conversion rates and overall cart value. 

With inputs provided by Michael Dadoun, Upclick turned out to be an all inclusive payment processor to include related tools like check out, customer service, product delivery, affiliate marketing, and more. 

According to a Montreal based online retailer, “Upclick has offered me flexible solutions to cover most of the software architecture that is available in the industry”. 

He is right on target. Now many merchants are presently offering services like hosting services, software delivery and more.

Founded in 2006, Upclick today has matured into a true market leader. Its reach is already global, by offering purchase options in 12 different languages. Security of online transactions is of industry standard with 2048 - bit SSL encryption.

With a reputation as one of the highest converting ecommerce platforms in the industry, Upclick is on its way to scale greater heights.