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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Michael Dadoun Possesses Higher Levels of Adaptability

Leaders in modern organizational setup who know the art of driving up the bottom-line without resorting to unethical trade practices and shady business dealings are highly prized. Such leaders enjoy exceptionally high level of trust because they never veer from inner values, even when it might be expeditious to do so. Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal, Canada based payment processing firm UpClick is a leader respected and trusted both by his subordinates and peers.

A leader known for walking the talk, honest dealings and well-controlled emotions, Michael has played an integral part in taking UpClick to the top in such quick time. 

Some of the other important leadership qualities that helped Michael become such a successful leader in such a short period are:

High levels of adaptability

Quality leaders have the knowledge and experience of reacting quickly and in the most appropriate way to the changing circumstances and situations in their business environment.  Firms operating in a highly competitive marketplace are bound to face different types of challenges in their normal course of operation. The active differentiator for these firms in such circumstances proves to be their leaders who know the art of successfully resolving these issues with carefully thought out plan.  

Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal based UpClick is a high quality leader who has developed new ways of anticipating problems and threats. This gives him enough time to effectively cope up with these problems.

Higher levels of compassion

The ability to empathize with the employees is an essential leadership quality. Accomplished leaders like Michael Dadoun leaders know it well and they take exceptionally good care of their employees and treat them with compassion. A feeling of being loved and respected raises the motivational level of the employees by several notches.