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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Michael Dadoun of Montreal - Grappling With The Mobile Challenges of 2015

In e-commerce, the mobile revolution has arrived – and Michael Dadoun knows this very well.

The year 2015 is here, and soon we may see more online shopping than ever before, with the majority of it done on mobiles.

But is online shopping without its share of hiccups?

According to Michael Dadoun of Montreal, online shopping is riddled with challenges and these must be addressed if Canada is to forge ahead.

Even as smart phones are getting more sophisticated and versatile, the web sites of many retailers are not mobile friendly.

“I would like to shop at my favorite online retailer”, says an avid mobile shopper. “But I am unable to examine items due to the small screen, and pages are awfully slow to load”.
Dadoun emphasizes that online retailers must optimize their sites for mobiles; if they want to tap the huge potential mobile-commerce is offering. 

“Customers want to shop on their phones, and they want the experience to be as good as on their laptops,” says Michael Dadoun ofMontreal.

One of the key challenges online retailers will face in 2015 is to recreate the experience of the bricks-and-mortar store.

The retailer must be able to guide the online visitor in their web store in a similar way as is done in a physical store.

With specialists like Dadoun around, Canada can look forward to a fruitful 2015. 


  1. In 2015, retail websites must become more targeted. An all-in-one solution will not work. Retailers must work hard to understand visitors’ shopping patterns.

  2. Dadoun is right. Web stores must make presentations and offerings more customer oriented. This is the only way to increase sales.

  3. Consumers want an online experience equal to a “physical connection”. Products displayed on the site must look as good as real.