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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

When it Comes to Leadership Michael Dadoun Sets the Bar Very High

Most organizations that experience great bottomlines are also fortunate to have great leadership at the same time. It can even be said that great bottomlines aren’t likely to materialize if the leadership isn’t great. The two are proportionately related. Michael Dadoun, CEO of Upclick, a Montreal, Canada based payment solution firm, is one great leader who has proven his ability to swell the bottomlines of the organizations he had led over the last decade and a half. 

Great leaders carry everybody along 

No two individuals are alike and will most likely have as many differences as similar interests. When a leader is in charge of an organization employing hundreds of employees, he has a vast mosaic of personalities with an equally divergent mass of temperaments to deal with. Bias of any kind need to be out of the leader’s mind; he can’t even afford to have it as the last thing on his mind. 

One of the reasons for the successes that Michael Dadoun achieved over the years is due to his ability to maintain a safe distance from bias of all forms. He has led thousands of professionals over the last decade and a half, and has been able to win their respect because of his ability to prevent controversies and focus on the job at hand. Needless to say that Dadoun kept controversy at bay. 

Michael Dadoun lives in Montreal, Canada, but is a global citizen 

Having lived and worked in different locations in Canada and the United 
States, Michael Dadoun has enriched his understanding and appreciation of diversity in terms of ethnicity, culture and lifestyles. Today’s workplace is a melting pot of different cultures and ethnic identities especially in a multi-cultural country like Canada. 

To get the best out of every individual in this kind of a workplace will require vast experience in addition to smart techno-economic skills on the part of a business leader. He will have to appreciate the fact that there will be highly talented and ambitious individuals in that workplace who would like to get ahead of others faster. 

At the same time there will be individuals who are more content with their roles and responsibilities rather than try to move up the ladder at great speed. When the interests of these different types of individuals meet, there are chances of sparks flying around. Only a great leader can keep things in control by standing between the forces that push and pull. Dadoun has proven that time and again. 

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