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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Michael Dadoun in the Vanguard in Providing E-retailing Solutions

Globalization and information technology boom have combined to create a networked business environment, which in turn is throwing challenges to traditional approaches to management and leadership.
For Michael Dadoun such a scenario is exciting enough to try his skills. These days organizations that have global reach and are moving fast need unique solutions.

Solutions that will make e-commerce easy to handle.

Finding solutions is one aspect. Putting them into practice is another game altogether. Here you need a motivated team that will work hours on to convert an idea into reality.

This requires leadership providing guidance of the type that is needed in a networked economy.
An effective leader in this digital age is an out-of-the-box thinker, network builder, tactician, and interpreter, all rolled into one.

The spiraling growth we are witnessing today in e-commerce is an upshot of the changing landscape of global business environment.

There is a definitive shift towards e-retailing. It would not be surprising if in another 5 years or so we find most if not all brick and mortar stores offering merchandize online.

For this growth to fructify, transactions must have reach, speed, accuracy, and security.

Dadoun has foreseen such a need. He has been instrumental in creating and launching, a state-of-the-art payment platform that has a bundle of powerful features.

This solution by Michael Dadoun of Upclick has been well received by e-commerce merchants. With more online buyers on the cards, we can expect Michael Dadoun to provide demanding answers to tomorrow’s e-commerce challenges.

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